[TSN – Mark/Eduardo] cimorene – Doing It Right

Title: Doing It Right
Author: cimorene
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete

It’s actually a subject of some curiosity for Mark whether Wardo really likes that many people that much, or if somewhere under the dense shell of affability and social conditioning there’s a tiny core of judgmental superiority. Not because Wardo’s ever given any sign of it, and Mark’s done some judicious digging when Wardo was at his most inebriated – it’s just that, well, he also likes Mark.

Really, he obviously does. It’s not like Wardo gets anything else in particular out of their friendship, not anything he couldn’t get from anyone else. He’s better at algorithms than Mark is, and he’s not even studying programming. Wardo is wealthier, taller, more fashionable, more social, and more conventionally attractive. Mark is marginally stronger and also better at fencing, but Wardo shows no signs of being a fencing fetishist, and it’s not like he needs Mark to carry his books for him. It’s usually Wardo who ends up carrying Mark’s things that he forgets to take with him.

Doing It Right

This is absolutely wonderful! I love the characterizations and Mark’s internal monologue and the section that was quoted for the summary is pretty much my favorite part of the fic. ♥♥

[January 3, 2011]: Updated author (previously Anonymous).

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[TSN - Mark/Eduardo] cimorene - Doing It Right, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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