[Hockey RPF – Benn/Seguin] lightgetsin – Permanent

Title: Permanent
Author: lightgetsin
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: Jamie had broken his wrist as a kid, and promptly panicked that he’d never hit a baseball or shoot a puck again. His dad had talked him through it, and showed him the x-rays and explained how PT would work. “And sometimes, you’ll heal stronger,” he’d finished up. “If you do the work. If you’re lucky.” (Sequel to Faster)


This whole series is just so good for me. I really love the dynamic between Tyler and Jamie and how they’re still working on figuring each other out. I love that this is from Jamie’s POV and how he’s struggling with dealing with Tyler’s revelation in Faster. And then there was Jamie talking to Brownie and telling him how he’s ready to go ring shopping and just yes, my heart! And the end with Jamie’s multi-step plan to make things permanent — loved it. &heart;♥ I hope there is more to this ‘verse because it is awesome.

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