Required Reading: The Social Network

These are my absolute favorites that I consider to be good enough to be required reading, because I know we don’t always have the time to read everything, even if I’m already doing a lot of work filtering through fics for you. XP And if you’ve read all of these and still want more, remember to check out the other TSN fics I’ve rec’d in the TSN section. =)

Last Updated September 02, 2011 @ 1:30AM

[Mark/Eduardo] fledmusic – These Things Get Louder
In which Mark finding out that everybody, including his mom, thought he and Eduardo were dating. This is pretty much my favorite TSN fic because of the ridiculous premise (which I love to death) and Mark’s voice (which is absolutely perfect).

[Mark/Eduardo] therealw – The Farther I Fall I’m Beside You
Wherein Mark, for the first time ever, actually listens to what a lawyer has to say. I love the conversation in the beginning and how Mark figures things out through their email exchanges.

[Mark/Eduardo] fledmusic – Pilea Involucrata
Eduardo turns into a plant. Mark learns some things about friendship and plants. …Or something. This is basically the best kind of crack — hilarious yet heartfelt!

[Mark/Eduardo] gabriiella – But Every Goliath Has Its David
Little snippets of Mark’s and Eduardo’s lives, before Facebook. The tone of this is absolutely gorgeous. ♥

[Mark/Eduardo] Sandrine Shaw – The Ghost at the Back of Your Closet
Mark realizes that the movie makes it all – the ups and downs of his friendship with Eduardo – sound like a tragic love story with an unhappy ending, which it wasn’t. It wasn’t a love story. … Was it?

[Eduardo/Mark] jibrailis – Throw Your Back Into It
The one where Mark is a slut, Eduardo has performance anxiety, and there are cross-country booty calls. Hilarious and awesome.

[Jesse/Andrew] darkindegrees – Ever Cross Your Mind
The one where Jesse works in an office and Andrew is the new guy.

[Jesse/Andrew] harriet_vane – Don’t Carry It All
The one where Jesse and Andrew meet each other via eHarmony. ♥

[Jesse/Andrew] harriet_vane – Stay Awake When I Sleep
The one where Andrew acquires a baby and there is adorableness.

[Jesse/Andrew] harriet_vane – Ten Cups of Coffee
The one where Andrew is a barista and draws hearts on Jesse’s coffee cups. ♥

[Mark/Eduardo] alexthegreat – Never Marry for Money (You Can Borrow it Cheaper)
The one where Mark and Eduardo get drunk and married in Vegas. XD

[Mark/Eduardo] moogle62 – Sweet On You
The Bakery AU! Totally fluffy and adorable and drama-free. ♥

[Jesse/Andrew] Robin – Carry It In My Heart
How Jesse learned to stop worrying and love his costar.

[Andrew/Jesse] torakowalski – Nameless But Not Unknown NEW*
The one where Andrew gets amnesia and Jesse comes to take care of him.

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