Required Reading: The Losers

These are my absolute favorites that I consider to be good enough to be required reading, because I know we don’t always have the time to read everything (even if I already do a lot of the filtering for you, lol). And, of course, if you’ve read all of these and still need more, there’s always the The Losers section. =)

Last Updated March 16, 2014

[Cougar/Jensen] thefourthvine – This Side of Paradise
In which Cougar and Jensen have to pretend to be boyfriends for the mission. ♥

[Gen] omphale23 – Five Things Not on Jake Jensen’s Resumé
In which Jensen and Tony Stark are long-distance besties, lol.

[Gen] storm_petrel – Next of Kin (We’re All Born Renegades)
In which Jensen was never part of The Losers, but ends up being a Loser anyway.

[Cougar/Jensen] storm_petrel – By Daybreak We’ll Be Gone
In which Clay gets himself a pack (werewolf AU).

[Cougar/Jensen] coinin – In All the Tongues of Men and Angels
In which Cougar learns to cook to win Jensen’s heart. ♥

[Cougar/Jensen] NewYorkReload – We Know How it Works
In which Cougar and Jensen are besties and Jensen eventually realizes that Cougar’s been in love with him all along. ♥♥♥

[Gen] beardsley – It Takes a Thief
In which Jensen is the best cat burglar ever. ♥

[Cougar/Jensen] Ponderosa – Can’t Win For Losing
In which Jensen loses a bet.

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