Required Reading: Star Trek

So I pretty much only read ST:AOS fic because I haven’t gotten around to watching the original series yet, but whatever. These are basically my favorite fics that you absolutely need to read, hence required reading, lol. And, of course, there’s always the Star Trek section if you need more. =)

Last Updated March 16, 2014

[Spock/Kirk] waldorph – Illogical (vp233/hy7)
In which Jim never took up Pike’s dare to be better, but still ends up in Starfleet.

[Spock/Kirk] waldorph – Strive Seek Find Yield
In which Spock is the heir to the Federation throne, Jim is the Prince of America, and they fall in love (among other things).

[Spock/Kirk] waketosleep – Tabula Rasa
In which Jim gets amnesia and Spock is kind of an idiot and there were lots of tears to be had. ;_____;

[Spock/Kirk] waketosleep – Big Me (But It’s You I Fell Into)
The best golf AU ever, in which Jim takes the golf world by storm. ♥

[Gen] eatsyourface – Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
In which Spock is an android, befriends Jim, and learns to live.

[Gen] igrockspock – You’re Gonna Make It After All
In which Gaila is amazing. ♥

[Spock/Kirk] red_at_three – Home Also I Cannot Go
In which Spock is 15, goes to Earth for the first time, hooks up with Jim, and gets pregnant. (I know, it sounds ridic, but trust me, it’s amazing!) Warning: WIP

[Gen] lazulisong – Graduate Vulcan for Fun and Profit
In which Jim is a linguistic prodigy. ♥

[Spock/Kirk] leupagus – Only Good For Legends
In which Spock is a detective, Jim is his delinquent self, and they somehow become friends and fall in love.

[Spock/Kirk] dogpoet – Still Life
Traumatized by his experience on Tarsus IV, Jim Kirk runs away to Vulcan to undergo kolinahr.

[Spock/Kirk] Deastar – So Wise We Grow
In which Spock takes on a son that isn’t his, Jim agrees to help raise him with Spock, and, you know, they fall in love in the process.

[Kirk/Sulu/Chekov] hollycomb – Whatever a Moon Has Always Meant
When Chekov is presumed dead, Kirk devotes himself to helping Sulu heal, falling in love with him in the process. Years later, as Sulu is beginning to return Kirk’s feelings, Chekov shows up on the transport platform, the victim of a simple glitch, unaware than any time has passed.

[Spock/Kirk] spicyshimmy – The Sum of Both of Us
Jim Kirk is nine when a massacre on Tarsus IV leaves him without a family and without a home. Spock is twelve when a strange boy in the desert saves his sehlat. Families aren’t born; they’re made. ♥♥♥

[Spock/McCoy] notboldly – Scarred Beautiful
In which Leonard and Spock are dating, even if Leonard doesn’t realize it. ♥

[Spock/Kirk] spicyshimmy – The Marriage of True Minds
Prince S’chn T’gai Spock of Vulcan, engaged to Prince James Tiberius Kirk of Earth through an arrangement made by their parents many years ago, writes to his intended on the day of his birth in the interest of diplomacy. Jim is not interested in diplomacy. ♥♥♥

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