Required Reading: Glee

These are my absolute favorites that I consider to be good enough to be required reading, because I know we don’t always have the time to read everything, even if I’m already doing a lot of work filtering through fics for you. XP There’s also the MUST READ tag for more awesome fics as well as the general Glee category.

Last Updated August 11, 2011 @ 12:15AM

[Gen] miggy – It Means No Worries
In which Kurt and Brittany bond over Disney fics and they are awesome. ♥

[Mike/Tina] lookninjas – The Model Minority (Stereotype A)
Mike Chang backstory about how he tries to fit in, then realizes he really just wants to be himself.

[Gen] lookninjas – Nothing to Confess
In which Finn actually has Kurt’s back during the whole Karofsky thing and soothes my broken heart a little.

[Puck/Kurt] paperclipbitch – ‘Cause You’ve Got An Awfully Long Way To Go & Think Of It As Personality Dialysis
In which Puck has the brilliant plan to get Finn back as a friend by getting Kurt to seduce Finn. (But seriously, it’s so much more than that, full of great character development.

[Kurt/Blaine] villiageidiot – Endgame
Blaine meets the men behind New Directions, one by one (sort of).

[Kurt/Blaine] seaouryou – Don’t Trust a Man With Curly Hair
The one with the super cracky awesome premise of Blaine being related to Sue Sylvester. Seriously, just read it. XD

[Kurt/Blaine] rusting_roses – Troubles ‘verse
This ‘verse pretty much follows canon starting from Never Been Kissed (when Blaine debuts) and is pretty much the best fic I’ve found that fills in canon so well.

[Kurt/Blaine] sotto_voice – Thousand Ways to Leave This Place
Probably the best post Never Been Kissed (but before any episodes after that) fic ever. I love that it takes all these spoilers and meshes it all together to make something completely amazing. LOVE IT!

[Kurt/Blaine] villiageidiot – On Fire When He’s Near You
The many misunderstandings of Kurt and Blaine.

[Gen] fabfemmeboy – Much Too High a Cost & Those Who Don’t Try Never Look Foolish
Kurt’s happy about his recent growth spurt. He’s much less thrilled when his voice starts changing.

[Kurt/Blaine] villiageidiot – That Was Then, He Is Now
Now that there’s Blaine, everything’s different. A wonderful look at the changes in Kurt from three POVs.

[Kurt/Blaine] seaouryou – Do What the Music Say & Got the Mood Prepared
Awesome what-if scenerio in which Blaine goes to spy on McKinley after the Warblers hear about what happened to Sunshine.

[Mike/Tina] lookninjas – Sing! (Courage Remix)
Mike is going to sing his first solo for glee club. He is. Just as soon as he gets a little more courage.

[Gen] lookninjas – Pick Up Right Where We Left
A look into Karofsky’s head — amazing characterization, though kind of creepy being in his head.

[Gen] lookninjas – A Thousand Paper Cranes
Sequel to Pick Up Right Where We Left, in which we get more of Wes being totally awesome. ♥

[Kurt/Blaine] caroline_shea – Canary in a Coal Mine: A Warblerections Crossover Crackfic
Pretty much the best crack!fic ever in which the Warblers transfer to McKinley and join New Directions. XD

[Kurt/Blaine] skintightsocks – Love Means Never Having to Say ‘Restraining Order’
The most epic missing scenes from Blame It On the Alcohol including Finn and Kurt going to spy on Rachel and Blaine’s date.

[Gen] calanthe_b – Challenges
An amazingly realistic look at Kurt’s life starting from Grilled Cheesus, in which he deals with the challenges presented in canon in a realistic way.

[Kurt/Blaine] lookninjas – World’s Greatest
In which Burt Hummel has several awkward conversations about sex, teenage boys, and the importance of knowing that you really matter to someone.

[Kurt/Blaine] nthcoincident – All the White Horses
Wonderful development of Blaine’s father. Total tearjerker — prepare to sob.

[Darren/Chris] tara1031 – Some Sort of Messy Emotions
Chris Colfer never knew what it was like to have a real boyfriend; Darren offers to be his fake!boyfriend to show him what it’s like.

[Gen] smithie_speaks – The Long Road Ahead
The story of Blaine’s mother and why Blaine doesn’t call himself Pinoy. I love how real this feels and absolutely heartbreaking Blaine’s mother is. ♥

[Gen] missgoalie75 – Soundtracks of Summer
Blaine’s summers at Asian Camp from ages eleven to sixteen. Awesome friendship fic with awesome music. ♥

[Kurt/Blaine] lookninjas – Ben ‘verse
This ‘verse explores Blaine’s parents and the relationship Blaine has with them. I love Blaine’s father here — he is absolutely wonderful and is probably my favorite interpretation of him.

[Gen] lls_mutant – I Bring My Better Angels To Every Fight (The Man in the Mirror Remix)
Burt wanted to change the world for Kurt. He didn’t realize that, by changing himself, he already had. Those years of struggling that it took Burt to figure things out.

[Kurt/Blaine] what_larks – Deontological Ethics & A Theory of Justice
Missing scenes from the Prom Queen episode. The first one is from Burt’s POV, who is still the best dad ever, and the second one is from Blaine’s POV which is absolutely heartbreaking.

[Kurt/Blaine] what_larks – Said/Unsaid
Coda to the Kurt/Blaine scene in the New York episode. Basically super romantic sap, just the way I like it. XP

[Kurt/Blaine] villiageidiot – The One Wherein Blaine and Mike Like Cardigans
In which Blaine is being ridiculously jealous and flail-y and ‘woe is me’ and his bestie Mike tries to reassure him. ♥

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