Yusuf/Fischer Recs

[Inception – Yusuf/Fischer] parka_girl – In Between The Day And The Night

Title: In Between The Day And The Night
Author: parka_girl
Rating: PG || Status: Complete
Summary: For this prompt over at inception_kink: Rarepair, anyone? Some time after the events of the movie, Fischer has turned to pill-popping as a way to manage his stress. While looking for a doctor who will give him stronger drugs, he just so happens to find Yusuf — but Yusuf feels guilty about the role the inception probably played in Robert’s addiction. He offers to help him learn how to sleep without meds, and bittersweet fluff (is that even a thing) ensues.. I got everything but the fluff (sort of), sorry about that.

In Between The Day And The Night

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