[P!ATD – Jon/Brendon] jocondite – The Taste of Rock and Scald

Title: The Taste of Rock and Scald
Author: jocondite
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: Brendon getting what he wants.

The Taste of Rock and Scald

I really liked Brendon’s voice in this fic. I know it’s just a PWP, but Brendon’s voice gave it more, uh, character, or whatever. (That was a weird sentence, hahaha. But whatever, it made sense in my head. XP) I love how Brendon was so nervous about asking for what he wanted, but he did it anyway and then acted like it wasn’t a big deal because he didn’t want to seem ridiculous in asking for more than their relationship was. I dunno, I just liked it. XP

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