[P!ATD – Brendon/Ryan] Chex – One Summer Last Fall

Title: One Summer Last Fall
Author: Chex
Rating: R || Status: Complete
Summary: Fall Out Boy never existed, so life is pretty tough for Ryan Ross.

One Summer Last Fall
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Comment!fic: Ryan’s GIRLFRIEND
Comment!fic: Ryan and Jon
Comment!fic: Spencer’s girlfriend
Comment!fic: Six months later

Oh gosh, I kind of love this liek whoa! The characterizations are just so perfect and I am in love, totally.

“Hey, what did I tell you about sleeping up against the window? You’ll break your neck and then we won’t have a singer anymore, and that’d really suck. Come on.”

Brendon beams at him, then curls up like a kitten. Ryan says, “Sorry I’ve got, you know, such bony thighs.”

“You’re a better pillow than the door,” Brendon mumbles. “It’s okay. Just remember to eat sometimes. I’m gonna make you a sandwich sometime, or take you out, either way.”

Ryan, not even sure just what he’s referring to, says, “Yeah, it’s okay.” The radio, so-so-quiet, is playing Oasis.

Brendon mumbles, eyes closed now, “Gonna wine and dine you, Ryan Ross.”

“Uh-huh, you do that.” Ryan pats his head.

Oh boys, you are so cute! *heart* Like, Brendon, with his not-so-subtle moves and Ryan, trying so hard to be straight, and gosh, it’s just so hard! Observe!

“No, Ryan, I gotta admit,” Spencer says. “I’m pretty sure Brendon isn’t trying to make you gay.”

“It’s a conspiracy. He so is. He’s all,” Ryan says. “He’s all clingy.”

“He clings to everybody.”

“Yeah, but,” Ryan says, and he can’t think of anything to say to that. He says, “Look, I’ve been, like. Being straight is really hard, okay.”

Spencer says, “Okay, Ryan? Ryan, what the fuck?”

“It’s hard with Brendon always trying to tempt me to the dark side.”

OH RYAN! HE’S SO PRECIOUS! Seriously, everytime he talks about how hard it is to be straight, I start grinning and I want to cuddle him, he is so cute. XP (Also, sidenote, Brendon making out with Spencer to check something? AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. It makes it even better that it was a 20 minute makeout. *heart* Oh boys. XD) And like, Ryan trying to affirm his heterosexuality and how he needs to check, OMG. This has to be my favorite part:

Brendon says to Ryan, “You wanna go out with me?”

“I’m straight,” Ryan says, trying to look compassionate. He mostly just looks a little constipated. “I’m really sorry, Brendon. I’ve put a lot of effort into maintaining my heterosexuality, and going out with a guy would just not help my cause at all.”

“No, see,” Brendon says, all wide-eyed earnestness. “If you went out with a dude, then you’d be able to make absolutely sure, right? Like, you wanted to go down on me to see if you didn’t like that, but that was pretty inconclusive, right? And how else could you get more conclusive results than from actually going out with a dude?”


“See, you can go out with me, and that’ll prove you’re straight when you don’t like it.”

“Huh,” Ryan says. “You know. That’s actually. That makes sense.”

Brendon’s really tempted to say no it doesn’t, but he’s not interested in ruining his chances just yet.

Seriously Ryan, you are too much. *heart*

If you’re interested in Pete and Patrick’s story in this ‘verse, check out (Many Things Lacking Names)

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