[P!ATD – Jon/Spencer] jocondite – Can’t Turn Left On Tuesday

Title: Can’t Turn Left On Tuesday
Author: jocondite
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: “I’ve made out with guys a few times,” Jon says meditatively. He shrugs and takes a sip of beer, utterly casual, like he’s saying that he’s played a few games of hockey, or played a little guitar in his time.

Can’t Turn Left On Tuesday

I really enjoyed the slow relationship build-up in this fic. I loved how Jon and Spencer fell into each other so easily in the beginning, how cute they were, but then afterwards, Spencer pulled away and I kind of felt bad for Jon because how sucky is that? And then later, everyone thinks Spencer doesn’t like Jon. =( Of course they fall back into each other and it’s so cute how insecure they are in the beginning, asking each other if things were okay everytime. And then it slowly transitions to being comfortable, familiar, and it’s so lovely and then it ENDED! WHAT! I wish there was more more MORE. And also, Ryan and Brendon in the background, they were so cute and it just added to the overall greatness of this fic. XP

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