[TAI/JoBros – Mike/Kevin] Solarcat – A Mess Like You Wouldn’t Believe

Title: A Mess Like You Wouldn’t Believe
Author: Solarcat
Rating: PG-13 / NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: In which Kevin Jonas gets lost twice and is found each time, and Mike Carden is almost (but really not) a fourteen-year-old girl. Or, a story about getting lost and finding more than just your way. [An obsessively-close-to-canon!AU.]

Series @ AO3

OMG ALL THE FEELINGS! ♥♥ I love how Kevin and Mike met in this and how their relationship developed — it was seriously the cutest! I love how they each ended up with each other’s CDs and how Kevin calls Mike when he has no one else to talk to about his concerns and just everything. This was just so good for me. ♥♥ And then the sequel was awesome too! I love how in love they were with each other. And then there was the tension between Kevin and Nick and my heart hurt so much and I seriously cried when they finally had that family band meeting because they just love each other so much and just, family! ♥♥♥

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