[Teen Wolf – Derek/Stiles] skoosiepants – You are the Moon

Title: You are the Moon
Author: skoosiepants
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: Stuff Stiles doesn’t like to deal with first thing: hot, moist dog breath in his face, a cuddly werewolf creepifying his perfectly normal morning wood with shades of bestiality, and his dad holding his service revolver up against the skull of his bedmate, never mind the fact that his bedmate could possibly be a vicious unhinged rogue omega.


OMG my heart! I love how wolf!Derek just ends up following Stiles home and how Stiles just kind of goes with it. The interaction between the two of them was totally cute. I was waiting with baited breath for Laura to come back and find Derek there and then when it finally happened, my heart hurt just a little because of course Stiles got attached. But then Derek still sticks around Stiles and wants to stay and comes over to talk to Stile’s dad and just yes, so lovely. ♥♥

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