[Teen Wolf – Derek/Stiles] stilesune – Control

Title: Control
Author: stilesune
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: It started off as dirty talk. Stiles had three fingers in Derek’s ass, stretching him nice and good, taking his own pleasure from the whimpers that Derek let out every time Stiles’ long fingers slipped over his prostate. He wondered aloud what it’d be like to watch Derek fall apart just from that. He told Derek he’d get him a vibrating plug, make him wear it one day. But Stiles would be in control of the remote. Would turn it on whenever he felt like it. It could be when Derek was getting groceries, or at work in a meeting, Stiles didn’t care. With the werewolf refractory period, he could turn it on every half hour if he wanted to until Derek’s stomach cramped from coming so much.
That’s about as far as that conversation got before Derek flipped Stiles on his back and rode himself to two orgasms before Stiles reached his first.


OMG THIS FIC! *____________* Seriously, so hot.

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