[Sherlock – Sherlock/John] earlgreytea68 – Working on the Edges

Title: Working on the Edges
Author: earlgreytea68
Rating: R || Status: Complete
Summary: No matter where you put Sherlock and John, they click. Including the Winter Olympics.


OMG FEELINGSSSSSS!!! *_____________* I was just so into this, you don’t even know. Seriously, how great is figure-skater!Sherlock and hockey-player!John?! ♥ This is the best thing ever because there’s ice skating, which I love, and pretty much all fluff with minimal angst. Sometimes it’s just awesome to enjoy happy fic where they just fall in love and everything is just lovely. ♥♥♥ I think my feelings on this fic were amplified by the fact that it was still a WIP when I started reading, so the timing felt longer than it was. I reread it again after it was completed and, while still super enjoyable, this time around, I had the feeling of OMG YOU’RE MOVING SO FAST!!! LOLOL. XP

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