[Sherlock – Sherlock/John] lifeonmars – Scrutiny

Title: Scrutiny
Author: lifeonmars
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: What is it like to live with someone who can nearly read your mind? John’s life comes into focus under the magnifying glass of Sherlock Holmes.


Oh, this was lovely. I really like how this all started with Sherlock’s observation on John’s bathroom habits and escalates from there. Also, this:

“So if I were to make a list, say, of every time you urinated, and track it on the laptop, you’d be okay with that.”

Sherlock raises an eyebrow; the corner of his mouth quirks. “Is that the sort of thing you’re likely to do?”

“No,” John says, and wonders how Sherlock has made him feel like the insane partner in the duo when it’s Sherlock who can cite in seconds the precise timing of his morning ablutions. “But if I did, that would be all right with you?”

Sherlock shrugs. He still looks slightly puzzled. His shoulder rubs against John’s, warm and sharp-angled. “I suppose so.”

“Well okay then.” John exhales, rubs his temples, wonders how his life has come to this place at all. “I just might.”

“You do that, John,” Sherlock says, and pats his shoulder.

Oh Sherlock! He just doesn’t understand what the issue is, LOLOL. ♥

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