[Sherlock – Sherlock/John] coloredink – No one saw us this evening hand in hand

Title: No one saw us this evening hand in hand
Author: coloredink
Rating: PG || Status: Complete
Summary: John woke on the morning of 17 June and knew that Sherlock Holmes was alive, in the same way that he knew he was 1.69 metres tall, that his birthday was July 8, and that the sun rose in the east.


Oh soulbounding fic. ♥

“Why would anyone want such a thing?” Sherlock had wondered aloud once, after yet another trembling, large-eyed soul had been driven away. “To be shackled to another person, their obligations your obligations, tied to all their needs and desires.” He had shuddered.

John had thought the notion of soulbonds rather romantic, but he had kept that to himself.

(And then, of course, they had literally been shackled together. That had gone rather well, once they’d overcome the initial hurdles. John thought of that time cheerfully, which was perhaps a sign that all was not right in his head.)

Sherlock might resent the band around his finger. He might find the second heartbeat distracting; John’s constant humming presence in the back of his mind infuriating. He might suffocate.

He might not come back at all.

Seriously, my heart! Also loved when John finally told Mycroft about the bond, lol. It was ridiculously cute. XP

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