[Greek – Cappie/Casey/Evan] allthespoons – The Unfinished Ones

Title: The Unfinished Ones
Author: allthespoons
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete

When Cappie wakes up on Monday morning, Casey’s staring at him, and he almost falls out of bed. “Casey! Jesus.”

“You were making weird noises,” Casey says, and he automatically reaches down to check the state of his dick, but she shakes her head. “Trust me, not sexy noises. Like you were having a bad dream.”

“I was having a dream-” Cappie shakes his head, trying to collect his thoughts. He still feels stuck halfway between dreaming and being awake, and everything seems hazy. “I had a dream that I told Evan about us, and then he set up a prank that got Wade, Jeremy, and Ferret expelled.”

Casey looks at him strangely. “Evan got your brothers expelled because you told him we were dating again?”

“Yeah, and- and I had to pretend to laugh at all his bad jokes. It was traumatizing.”


OMG, Cappie/Casey/Evan threesome of my dreams! ♥______♥ I really like how the three of them work at being friends again and make time to hang out with each other because the three of them are adorable together. And how Cappie and Casey were dating and how it slowly morphed into them wanting Evan to be a part of their relationship and Cappie realizing how different things are without Evan being there. (And how they both get off on the idea of Evan watching.) I also liked how the ending totally went full circle with the line from Cappie’s dream, LOL.

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[Greek - Cappie/Casey/Evan] allthespoons - The Unfinished Ones, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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