[Glee/P!ATD – Chris/Ian/Darren] twentysomething – You Make Me Feel… Like Raising My Glass

Title: You Make Me Feel… Like Raising My Glass
Author: twentysomething
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: “There’s a picture attached and Chris can’t really open his eyes more than an angry slit but he’s 94% certain that’s Darren in the midst of a label cuddle puddle. Only his dumb, troublesome curly head is sticking out beneath Brendon’s torso, next to Vicky-T’s tits and Chris is certain however Darren ended up there, he really doesn’t deserve to be saved.” (Sequel to I Constantly Thank God For George Lucas)

DW | AO3

So I thought I Constantly Thank God For George Lucas was AMAZING and this threesome sequel is awesome as well, LOLOLOL! I love drunk!Darren and the texts and Darren hitting on Chris and Ian, LOLOL. Also, Darren being a serial sleep-trash talker = A+++. XP But really, Ian and Darren plotting out a threesome in the morning is kind of hilariously awesome and the sex was HOT. ♥

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