[Glee – Kurt/Blaine] lookninjas – Want the World to See & Let My Walls Come Down

Title: Want the World to See
Author: lookninjas
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: In which Kurt is maybe a little bit too much for Blaine, but Blaine is definitely not complaining.


OMG BLAINEEEEE! Seriously, he is so adorable in this, how he just stares at Kurt’s legs, LOLOLOL. ♥♥



Title: Let My Walls Come Down
Author: lookninjas
Rating: R || Status: Complete
Summary: In retrospect, Kurt should have contemplated his footwear choices a little more thoroughly. And he definitely should have contemplated the whole hotel room thing a little more thoroughly.


First off, Tina is so cute, LOLOLOL. I love Kurt/Tina friendship. ♥ But seriously, these boys! THEY ARE JUST SO ADORABLE, OMG. I love how spontaneous it is and how it might not be what Kurt was expecting, but how it was perfect anyway. And, NGL, I kind of LOL’d at Kurt being so fixiated on the foot thing, he is is adorable. ♥

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