[Glee – Kurt/Blaine] aelora – Untouched

Title: Untouched
Author: aelora
Rating: G || Status: Complete
Summary: Blaine had learned the hard way how easy it was to break things.


Oh, this broke my heart in the best way! ;_; I kind of love that Blaine has all these things that he doesn’t use because it’s too special. I was just talking about this mindset around the time I read this, about how when I was little (and still even now sometimes to an extent) I would totally save a bunch of stuff I thought was awesome and never use it, which is kind of ridiculous in hindsight, but there it is. (Seriously, an example is how I thought gel pens were so awesome back in elementary school that I would buy them and never use them, then later, after years, I found my stash and all the ink was dried and I couldn’t use them anymore!) But yeah, I totally relate to Blaine here and so I can understand where Blaine is coming from, even though it breaks my heart. =( And now that I think of it, my sister and I had some snowglobes as well when we were little that we loved and then we accidentally broke one — it’s scary how much I can relate to this, lol. (But then again, I’m sure that other people do ridiculous things like this all the time, right?)

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