[Glee – Kurt/Blaine] gsmaxwell – Yeah, This Wasn’t Supposed to Happen

Title: Yeah, This Wasn’t Supposed to Happen
Author: gsmaxwell
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: For some reason, being in your crush’s body wasn’t nearly as sexy as Kurt had thought.

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Extra from Blaine’s POV

Bodyswap!fics are totally my guilty pleasure, lol. I love how hilarious this is and Kurt’s voice throughout the fic.

He had just Revenge Orgasmed Blaine’s body. As the feelings came back into his legs and he felt like he could raise his head again, he wondered how he had reached a point in his life where that sentence could be said without any kind of sexy bedroom game.


And maybe he didn’t like it now but the pamphlets had assured him that sexuality came in many shapes and forms of expression! And tastes changed all the time! He might be into that kind of stuff later! It was wasteful to throw out perfectly good porn when ten years down the line he might like leather and cockrings and calling someone Slave!

I love Kurt’s justification, LOLOLOL. But besides that, there was the awesome mirror handjob and the reciprocation (before the angst) and the Facebook stuff and just everything. Also, the ending with the why was hilarious and awesome. XP (And the bonus with the party was hilarious, especially Blaine’s robot thoughts, LOL!)

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