[Glee – Gen] missgoalie75 – Soundtracks of Summer

Title: Soundtracks of Summers
Author: missgoalie75
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: Blaine’s summers at Asian Camp from ages eleven to sixteen.

Soundtracks of Summers

Goodness, this was ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! *___________* The friendships Blaine has with everyone is just lovely. Also, the music! I love how all these songs and lyrics were just woven in, not to mention the overall tone of this fic — it just feels like summer and nostalgia, it’s so gorgeous. But seriously, the music! I wasn’t Blaine’s age in this fic, but almost all the music in this fic just resonants with me because that’s the music I listen to and it’s also the soundtrack of my life.

I so wouldn’t mind more from this ‘verse. It’s just so gorgeous and rich and I want Blaine/Tina and Blaine/Mike friendship like crazy. Also, I want the reaction to Kurt/Blaine and having Blaine’s summer friendships merge with the rest of his life and fun times with Mike/Tina and Kurt/Blaine hangouts because my two favorite Glee couples hanging out is always a good thing. XP

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