[Glee – Gen] calanthe_b – Never Let the Enemy Know You

Title: Never Let the Enemy Know You
Author: calanthe_b
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: Set during ‘Theatricality’, after the confrontation between Burt and Finn.

01 | 02

Ugh, this just broke my heart and totally made me tear up — it is just such a good response to what happened in that episode! I love the interaction between Kurt and Burt and how Burt listens and understands. The insight on Finn’s character was great too and SO true. Everyone makes things so easy for him — I could never understand why Finn is even popular because he’s not good and the sport teams aren’t winners, which defeats the whole purpose of them ruling the school. But then again, that’s just my normal logic and obviously doesn’t work for Glee. But yeah, one of the things I hated most about that episode was how Finn supposedly makes up for everything at the end of the episode, as if what he did was good enough to make up for what happened in the basement and it wasn’t for me and I like the fact that this kind of responds to it, in a way, even if we don’t necessarily see that final scene in the fic. Also, I forgot to say this earlier, but Carole’s characterization — I actually really like it. I mean, everyone wants happy Hudmel fics, but I like that the author interprets Carole a different way that I actually believe in. Wonderful fic.

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