[Glee – Kurt/Blaine] lookninjas – The Man Behind the Curtain

Title: The Man Behind the Curtain
Author: lookninjas
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: Blaine doesn’t really want to go to Arizona for his grandfather’s birthday, but he promised to take care of his dad, and a promise is a promise. Even if it is going to be a lot harder than he thought it was. (Companion to All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues, part of the Ben!verse)

LJ 01 | 02
DW 01 | 02

Seriously, this ‘verse!!! It’s so good, OMG. ;__________; I love that this is a companion to All the Best Cowboys… and how it’s from Blaine’s POV. It kind of breaks my heart how Blaine doesn’t realize how much Ben loves him, but I love how he’s slowly piecing it together. I was kind of on the verge of tears for most of the fic and I totally cried by the end because the relationship between Blaine and Ben is just so lovely. Can’t wait for more from this ‘verse. ♥

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