[Glee – Gen] rusting_roses – Let Your Troubles Roll By

Title: Let Your Troubles Roll By
Author: rusting_roses
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: The ‘missing scenes’ of Never Been Kissed.

Let Your Troubles Roll By

This was both lovely and heartbreaking. I really liked how it fleshed out what happened in canon and made it so much better and real.

The smile drops from his face as he backs out of the room, emotion twisting in his chest. What had he been thinking? Running off on a school day to drive out to Dalton Academy, and…what? What had he been expecting to accomplish? Sure, he’d seen their Glee club, but what did it matter? Besides, he’d known before he’d left the classroom that he couldn’t have cared less about the Warblers. He’d just wanted to get just a taste, even, of what it might be like to not be the scum of the Earth.


He’s going to walk out of here, right now, he’s going to pretend he’d never seen Blaine sing to him- and besides, he was probably just seeing things, because he’d learned twice over that sometime he wanted to see things so badly that he ignored what was in front of his eyes- because of course Blaine wouldn’t have really done that to the new kid. He’s going to put this all out of his head, because otherwise he’s going to torture himself with the greener pastures he’s surely imagining because there is no place that perfect.

Seriously, I kind of love when fics make my heart clench. ;_; Love this fic.

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[Glee - Gen] rusting_roses - Let Your Troubles Roll By, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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