[Glee – Gen] tamakito – It’s the Fear

Title: It’s the Fear
Author: tamakito
Rating: PG || Status: Complete
Summary: Will loves Kurt, the way he does all his kids, but until recently he didn’t like him very much.

It’s the Fear

Will’s voice in this is totally spot-on which, of course, gives me so many mixed feelings about this fic because, the thing is, I kind of hate Will in the show, lol. Honestly, I find Will to be frustrating and there were moments when I was reading this that I had the urge to hit him (which is how I basically feel whenever Schue is on the screen on the show) because his flaws epitomize all the things I hate about people who try and do good things, but do good things because it makes them feel better. And so, even though he means well, I still can’t help but hate him. Basically, despite how unsettled I felt reading it, I really like how this fic shows the relationship between Will and Kurt and how Will learns to like him because I think it’s very true to the type of person that Will is.

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