[Glee – Gen] miggy – It Means No Worries

Title: It Means No Worries
Author: miggy
Rating: PG || Status: Complete
Summary: After the events of Duets, Kurt and Brittany bond over a topic with which they’re both apparently familiar: Disney movies.

It Means No Worries

OMG HEARTS IN EYES FOREVER! Everything about this is just so gorgeous. I love the characterizations and them hanging out and being less lonely together. (NGL, I really like them as a couple because they’re just too adorable together, LOL.) And then there were moments here that just broke my heart in the best way. ♥

Some of my favorite bits…

“I like that sweater you wore that was all furry. It reminded me of that picture of the polar bear on the iceberg that was about to melt.”

That was apparently a good thing, Kurt let slide, and said, “Glad to hear you approve, but we’re going for ‘guy.'” In the world’s shorthand that allowed for far less wiggle room away from traditional masculinity than he demonstrated.

“But you’re a guy.”

This kind of made me teary eyed and heart clench-y. Oh Brittany! Oh Kurt! ♥♥♥

“He’s not a real lion!” Brittany said somewhat frantically. “He’s just a drawing! That’s what my parents said!”

Oh Brittany and her attempts at comfort! ;_; Best story ever. ♥

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[Glee - Gen] miggy - It Means No Worries, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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