[Glee/Pop – Chris/DavidArchuleta] gemmi999 – Guest Star

Title: Guest Star
Author: gemmi999
Rating: PG || Status: Complete

Darren looks at Chris a little helplessly. “I think I could name, maybe, two people who have won American Idol. And that’s only because we’ve covered them on Glee.”

“Oh.” Chris frowns slight before perking up once more. “Well, he’s super cute and religious but not like, over the top about it. He wouldn’t swear so he kept saying Gosh and Darn on the show.”

“And you had a crush.” Darren finishes, smiling at Chris. “Ohhh, you get to flirt with your teenage crush!” Now he’s bouncing up and down on the couch. “This is fabulous!”

Guest Star

OMG, this is ridiculously cute! ♥♥ I love how freakin’ adorable Chris and David are about their crushes, lol.

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