[Glee – Kurt/Blaine] lookninjas – For the Things You Couldn’t Change

Title: For the Things You Couldn’t Change
Author: lookninjas
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: Kurt knows what it feels like to not measure up, and he hates that it’s Blaine’s turn to struggle with it. He hates that there’s nothing he can do but listen and try to be there for him. (Part of the Ben ‘verse)


OMG, MY HEARTTTT! Blaine starting to realize the dynamics between him and his parents just kills me. ;_________; And the conversation he has with Kurt about how he doesn’t really understand his father and about his father maybe having expectations and not being able to meet them and seriously, MY HEART! ;___________; Most awesome ‘verse ever. ♥♥♥

[August 11, 2011]: Added alternative links to fic @ DW.

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