[Glee – Kurt/Blaine] skintightsocks – Collect the Moments One By One

Title: Collect the Moments One By One
Author: skintightsocks
Rating: PG || Status: Complete
Summary: “Stop freaking out,” Blaine says softly, his fingers stroking at Kurt’s cheek for a second before he blushes and drops his hand. “I just mean that I’m sorry I said it like that. Just out of the blue, at The Lima Bean. Not exactly the height of romance.”

Collect the Moments One By One

WHY ARE THESE BOYS SO ADORABLE?! Seriously, Blaine and Kurt just make my heart melt, I can’t even!!! *flails*

because– oh god. Blaine totally didn’t mean it and now he regrets it, and he’s going to dump Kurt on his own bed and spend the summer making out with one of the chorus members of To Catch A Predator: The Musical Review, if his audition songs are anything to go by. Although Blaine would make a good Chris Hansen, if he’d ever learn how to use gel to volumize instead of just plaster down.

This part right here! It’s too amazing, seriously. I love little random freakouts like this because I am ridiculous, lol. Also, Blaine’s song choices, lololol! Also, making out and I love yous and thinking about the future and I can’t handle them, they are too much! HEARTS IN EYES FOREVER!!!

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