[Glee – Gen] skintightsocks – Ain’t No Particular Sign

Title: Ain’t No Particular Sign
Author: skintightsocks
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: “What she’s trying to say,” Santana tells him, “is that Brittany speaks very highly of your kissing skills. And my girl doesn’t lie. I don’t know if she knows how, actually.” AKA: Brittany says Kurt’s a good kisser and then everyone in New Directions wants a piece.

Ain’t No Particular Sign

I love the characterizations of everyone here — they all just ring so true to me! I also love how it starts out with people wanting to see if Kurt’s a good kisser and kind of degenerates into the thing to do since everyone else was doing it, LOL. My absolute favorite kiss has to be the one with Mike because I am a sucker for them being cute together! If I wasn’t so invested in Kurt/Blaine and Mike/Tina, I would totally be on the Mike/Kurt ship. XP He was just so adorable with his flower! ♥_______♥ A close second would the kiss with Matt. XP

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[Glee - Gen] skintightsocks - Ain't No Particular Sign, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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