[Almost Human – John/Dorian] ricketyhands – Under the Tide

Title: Under the Tide
Author: ricketyhands
Rating:Status: Complete
Summary: John’s kitchen is overly spacious. The entire house is overly spacious, too many rooms for one man. He doesn’t really remember what it was like to live here before the accident – he always refers to it to himself as the accident. Peaceful, he supposes. There’s a certain amount of peace rewarded to him as he pours a cup of coffee late in the afternoon and watches as Dorian peers down the hall that leads to John’s master bedroom. The curiosity in everything he does makes John ache.


OMG, so cute! ♥ So many feels when John asked Dorian to come home with him and then later when John finally made a move. These two are so my new favorites. ♥_______♥

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