[Almost Human – John/Dorian] ricketyhands – This Pumps Through His Heart

Title: This Pumps Through His Heart
Author: ricketyhands
Rating:Status: Complete
Summary: “Dorian –” John starts, but Dorian is striding out the apartment door. John stumbles over to the door and throws it open, only seconds after Dorian had slammed it shut, but Dorian is already in the elevator and the door is closing and then he’s gone, and John cringes. A pain shoots through his leg and he whispers “Fuck,” before turning around back into his apartment and closing the door..


Oh man, this hurts so good! Of course John would eventually say something accidentally horrible in a relationship with Dorian since that just seems true to his personality and Dorian’s reaction seems true to his character as well. My heart just broke for them, but I’m glad they seemed to work it out in the end.

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