[TSN – Dustin/Mark] alexthegreat – The Way You Say Good Morning

Title: The Way You Say Good Morning
Author: alexthegreat
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: Dustin helps Mark get ready for a date that doesn’t end up going so well.

The Way You Say Good Morning

I never really knew how much I liked Dustin/Mark (since I was so invested in Eduardo/Mark), but I seriously do love them a lot together. ♥ This was so ridiculously cute, I’m so charmed, lol. I love Mark asking Dustin to braid her hair and how Dustin was kind of pining and how he was just a phone call away! ♥♥ Also, this:

He reminded himself that it was just Mark – he had seen her hungover and vicious, nearly falling over after a three day coding binge, and walking around in boxers she’d stolen from Eduardo. It didn’t change the fact that she was brilliant and funny and really, really mean, a small voice in his head said.

♥___________♥ I love that Mark being mean is kind of a plus, LOLOLOL. And also, how after they have sex, they go and code — they are so ridiculous, I love them! ♥♥

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