[TSN – Mark/Eduardo] hitlikehammers – Time and Time Again

Title: Time and Time Again
Author: hitlikehammers
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: Five times Eduardo almost confessed his love, and one time Mark actually did (at the absolute most inconvenient time).

Time and Time Again

Oh gosh, these boys just break my heart! I love how Eduardo keeps thinking today’s the day, but ends up backing out each time. =( And then there’s the last +1 section with Mark and, UGH, that scene! My heart was breaking so much for Eduardo and Mark explanation and seriously, these boys!!! Does it make me a bad shipper that I mostly want Eduardo to leave anyway at the end and for it to be too late? Because that is how I kind of imagine it going down if it continued, so I’m really glad that the ending is open because I think I wouldn’t have been as satisfied or whatever if it ended up being okay, LOL. (I am such a fickled person, IDEK.)

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