[TSN – Mark/Eduardo] whitedatura – Not a Robot, But a Ghost

Title: Not a Robot, But a Ghost
Author: whitedatura
Rating: PG || Status: Complete
Summary: For prompt: Mark programs an AI on his computer to act like Eduardo, just to talk about work or something. But then he starts talking with the AI about his day and stuff, and the AI is based on Eduardo, so it tells Mark to stop working and go home already. It goes on from there, and people close to him notice it, but they don’t say anything, because it’s so sad. Then there’s a meeting and there’s the real Eduardo and they don’t even speak, but then the meeting’s over and Eduardo forgot his bag and Mark is still sitting there, alone, but talking to… him.

Not a Robot, But a Ghost

This was so wonderful. *_________* I love the idea of Mark creating a program to talk to him and inadvertently programming it to “think” like Eduardo. And then the ending was just perfect. ♥

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