[TSN – Eduardo/Mark] skips – My Weakness I Feel I Must Finally Show

Title: My Weakness I Feel I Must Finally Show
Author: skips
Rating: R || Status: Complete
Summary: Marcia Zuckerberg is, depending on who you ask, a punk, prophet, genius, billionaire or a traitor. Beyond that, she happens a slightly worried young woman who has to deal with her ex best friend/boyfriend suing her while she’s dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. A normal person would have probably already had an emotional breakdown, but all that she deals with is emotional turmoil, but that’s enough to cause problems.

Master Post | Kink Meme

I really like the dynamic between Eduardo and Mark in this and seeing how Mark being a girl both changes and doesn’t change the relationship between them. Also, the twist of Mark being pregnant during the depositions is kind of awesome. I really like how the author didn’t go the easy route and have both of them get back together because of the baby, but showed how they had to work for it. ♥

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