[Star Trek – Kirk/Sulu/Chekov] hollycomb – Whatever a Moon Has Always Meant

Title: Whatever a Moon Has Always Meant
Author: hollycomb
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: When Chekov is presumed dead, Kirk devotes himself to helping Sulu heal, falling in love with him in the process. Years later, as Sulu is beginning to return Kirk’s feelings, Chekov shows up on the transport platform, the victim of a simple glitch, unaware than any time has passed.

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I knew from the summary (and the fact that it was 120K words) that this would be amazing and it so was! ♥ Sulu grieving just broke my heart in the worst way. I love how the relationship between Sulu and Kirk is developed over time and how it wasn’t easy because that would have been a cop-out. I love how Kirk loves Sulu and how he just wants, even though Sulu said he would never love again. When Uhura tells him that Sulu was in love with him, my heart was just bursting with feelings, lol. And then Chekov came back and even though I knew it was coming, it totally hurt! I love the dynamic between the three of them and how it all worked out with them eventually. This threesome isn’t really something I ever thought I’d be into (because obviously, my OT3 of choice is Spock/Kirk/Uhura), but this made me want it and I loved the ride.

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