[Star Trek – Spock/Kirk] jouissant – Sea Change

Title: Sea Change
Author: jouissant
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: As the five-year mission gets underway, Kirk and Spock are on course to develop a friendship–or something–that will define them both. Then, a poorly-timed away mission changes everything. Before they can begin to deal with the fallout, Jim disappears. With his captain presumed dead, Spock has no choice but to accept a promotion and try to move on. But when he starts experiencing disturbing visions, he gradually begins to suspect that Jim may be alive after all. (A canon-divergent AU assuming they began the 5-year mission following STXI.)


OMG SO GOOD!!! I loved Spock’s voice in this and how the relationship between Jim and Spock developed throughout the fic. Even though I knew from the summary and tags that Jim was alive, I still had so many feelings when Spock confirmed that Jim was alive and on their way to get him back. The ending was totally sweet as well! ♥♥

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