[Star Trek – Spock/Kirk/Uhura] jouissant – (I Got Those) Worried Blues

Title: (I Got Those) Worried Blues
Author: jouissant
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: Following his recovery from the Khan incident (and Spock and McCoy’s decision to conceal the truth about what exactly brought him back), Jim finds himself facing down a Starfleet review board. When he’s placed on administrative leave and has his command ability called into question, the obvious next step is to drink copiously and accidentally ask Spock out to dinner. But then he’s abducted by mysterious forces, and suddenly relationship negotiations are the least of everyone’s worries as Spock, Uhura, and McCoy try to pin down Section 31 and cope with the possibility that their worst fears for Jim may have come to pass.


OMG, SO MANY FEELINGS!!! I don’t always enjoy reading threesome fics, but of course I have my OT3s (and Spock/Kirk/Uhura is definitely one of them). The thing is, they can fail so much when establishing the relationship dynamics between everyone, but this was amazing. I really loved the characterizations in this, especially Nyota. I mean, it must be so hard for her seeing Spock falling for Jim, but I really like how she handled the situation and how the relationship between the three of them evolved. By the end, I was just so hopeful for the three of them because you know I’m a sucker for happy endings. ♥ I wouldn’t say no to more of this ‘verse either!

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