[Star Trek – Gen] boosette – Command from the Bottom Up

Title: Command from the Bottom Up
Author: boosette
Rating: G || Status: Complete
Summary: Captains’ Yeoman are traditionally assigned based upon the gender-preference of their CO: heterosexual males get other men and so forth, with biologically incompatible non-humans for the Kinsey 1s-5s. With his reputation, Jim Kirk can’t help but wonder whether someone wants to sabotage his command when they keep Janice Rand in her post; later, he’ll say as much to Pike, along with the part where this had to break about thirty different regs, and he won’t be able to keep a straight face at the answer: “Not if you don’t sleep with her, Captain.” This is not that story. This is the story of how Jim Kirk and Janice Rand meet for the first time.


This is really cute. I like the interaction between Kirk and Rand.

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