[Star Trek – Spock/Kirk] spicyshimmy – Blue Blazes

Title: Blue Blazes
Author: spicyshimmy
Rating: R || Status: Complete
Summary: There are infinite universes out there. Spock and James T. Kirk are basically destined to meet in some combination of every one. Thanks to a little interference from an ion storm over the Halkan homeworld, Jim learns that, in one of them, Spock has a beard. And Vulcan eyeshadow. And a host of problems with a little thing called the Terran Empire. Jim knew something was definitely up when he beamed aboard the ship and Spock had a beard.


So I generally don’t like mirror ‘verse fic ’cause it’s not really my thing, but this was pretty good. I really liked the dynamic between Jim and Mirror!Spock. I really wish there was more ’cause I want to know what happens how that Jim is back in his proper ‘verse. XP

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