[Singin’ in the Rain – Don/Cosmo/Kathy] cimorene – And Write That Symphony

Title: And Write That Symphony
Author: cimorene
Rating: R || Status: Complete
Summary: Kathy tweaked his nose and skipped ahead of him. “You know, Cosmo, Don and I may love you for your brains–”

“Excuse me! I resent that remark! You love me for my unerring sense of comic timing.”

“–But not everyone is so forgiving.”

AO3 | cimorene.net

OMG, MY HEART! ♥__________♥ I love Kathy’s voice in this and how rich the characters are and the dynamic established between the three of them. And then there’s Cosmo! There were so many moments where my heart just clenched for him because he is just so in love with Don and Kathy and so quietly devoted to them and not saying anything and I just want to hug him! Good thing Kathy (and Don) figured it all out and decided to do something about it — they are all just so precious together. Definitely my favorite Singin’ in the Rain fic. ♥♥

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[Singin' in the Rain - Don/Cosmo/Kathy] cimorene - And Write That Symphony, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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