[Megamind – Megamind/Roxanne] Roadstergal – A New (And Slightly Ridiculous) Hope

Title: A New (And Slightly Ridiculous) Hope
Author: Roadstergal
Rating: G || Status: Complete
Summary: Metro City needs a new hero. Someone brave, honorable, bulletproof, photogenic, and possibly named Roxanne.


OMG, this was kind of ridiculously charming! ♥ Megamind’s voice is perfect and so is Roxanne being a hero. I love that Megamind figures he has to train Roxanne after giving her the powers because of course he would! I also like Roxanne’s method of fighting crime because she would definitely do it that way. XD Also, there’s the hint of angst in the middle that kinda got me, because I’m easy like that, LOL. Basically, this is totally sweet and adorable. ♥

[January 02, 2012]: Updated author (previously TBA).

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