[The Losers – Cougar/Jensen] LadyJanelly – Walk a While With Me

Title: Walk a While With Me
Author: LadyJanelly
Rating: R || Status: Complete
Summary: AU—Jake Jensen left the Army before he ever had a chance to be a Loser. Cougar meets him anyway.
Sometimes what a man needs to have a chance at happiness is losing the battle he’s been fighting his whole life.


This was kinda depressing, in a way, just because of the whole set up. I just feel so bad for Cougar and how much he wants to be “normal”.

Cougar nods and pretends he doesn’t notice when the guy drops something into it on its way to Cougar’s hand. His stomach shivers in anticipation as he raises the glass to his lips. This is going to be bad, he thinks, and he feels a flare of hope, that this will finally be the one so bad that his fucked-up desires will learn their lesson. That he’ll be able to stop looking at men, wanting men.

Like this, it totally broke my heart! And then Jake’s backstory — OMG, SO SAD! ;______;

But Cougar and Jake together in this is just lovely. ♥ I love that Jake decided to go to beauty school as a fuck-you to the military, lol. And even though it was a tense moment, Cougar telling his team that Jake was his hairdresser was kinda perfect. ♥ Overall though, I was just a bit sad at not seeing the typical interaction between all the Losers without Jake in the picture. =(

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[The Losers - Cougar/Jensen] LadyJanelly - Walk a While With Me, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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