[The Losers – Cougar/Jensen] Resonant – Impersonation

Title: Impersonation
Author: Resonant
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: “This is a dream assignment, and I am not going to fuck it up just because my teammates aren’t secure enough in their masculinity,” he said to Pooch.
“You ever nibble on my earlobe again, they will find your body in eight places,” Pooch said, but Pooch didn’t share Jensen’s commitment to self-improvement.


Oh Jensen, LOLOLOL. This is so great, I love how he tries SO hard to be smooth for the good of the mission, even though he just ends up being ridiculous, lol. And poor Cougar, pining away while Jensen is just oblivious. At least Jensen gets with the program eventually, LOL. ♥♥

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