[Inception – Arthur/Eames] tailoredshirt – Cardinal Rule #1

Title: Cardinal Rule #1
Author: tailoredshirt
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: Yusuf writes Arthur/Eames Fanfic. Cobb is his beta. Ariadne finds out.


LJ | Kink Meme

OMG, THIS! I totally laughed at the epithets rant (because SO TRUE) and Saito being iboughttheairlinebitch and Cobb having writer’s block!!! And Eames being a Cobb/Saito shipper and Ariadne’s confession! GAHH! Best line ever:

“Are you kidding?” says Ariadne, already skimming the opening paragraphs. “Eames/Arthur is just a guilty pleasure. Cobb/Saito is OTP for life. Do you need a beta?”

OMG YES, HAHAHAHA. XP Sequel this way!

[Updated August 27, 2010]: Added link to fic in author’s LJ (previously only at kink meme).
[Updated August 29, 2010]: Added link to sequel!
[Updated September 05, 2010]: Updated title (previously untitled and labeled as Yusuf Writes Arthur/Eames Fanfic)

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