[Inception – Eames/Arthur] stillfindinggod – Words Are Not Enough

Title: Words Are Not Enough
Author: stillfindinggod
Rating: R || Status: Complete
Summary: It all starts with a text message.

01 | 02 | 03 | 04

OMG THE TEXT MESSAGES! The voices are so spot on, lol, and the pictures just make it more awesome. Thank goodness for Tom Hardy’s camwhoring, hahahaha. XP But seriously, this fic was totally pushing on my secondhand embarrassment squick so hard (LOL, that was so unintentional!) and then of course the fourth (and final) part kind of killed me, it was so hard to get through! (Of course, now I can laugh about it, but at the time of reading, I was running off to do other things and hiding my face in shame which, in hindsight just extends my horror, but I can’t help my kneejerk reation to secondhand embarrassment.)

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