[Inception – Arthur/Eames] tequilideas – Well, Alright, Okay, You Win

Title: Well, Alright, Okay, You Win
Author: tequilideas
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: Either Arthur has an unrequited crush on Eames or Eames has one on Arthur. Also, Cobb is single-minded, Ariadne feels awkward, Eames is naked, Yusuf listens to Madonna, Saito buys a country, and Arthur might have rage blackouts.

Well, Alright, Okay, You Win

HOLY CRAP, THIS IS SO AWESOME! Oh god, the opening line is amazing! And Arthur and Eames fighting and Arthur’s rage blackouts and Ariadne being the voice of reason, lol, and OMG, these boys are so ridiculous! ♥♥♥

Cobb doesn’t say anything, but he comes up to Arthur, squinting purposefully and Arthur (according to Ariadne) kicked a lounge chair in his direction, threatened to have the entire team assassinated, and then left. Arthur remembers the leaving part, but he’s sure none of the rest happened. Pretty sure, anyway. Still, for some reason, the team keeps eyeing him like they’re mildly curious about whether or not he’ll explode. Except for Eames. Who doesn’t look at him at all. Arthur glares at all of them, even Eames.

“Well?” Arthur says to Saito eventually. The only thing that keeps him from glaring at Saito as well is the knowledge that Saito is where the money is coming from. Arthur is not in the habit of glaring at money.


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[Inception - Arthur/Eames] tequilideas - Well, Alright, Okay, You Win, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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