[Inception – Eames/Arthur] cherrybina – The Tunnel of Love

Title: The Tunnel of Love
Author: cherrybina
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: Arthur and Eames go on what is definitely not a date, and end up trapped in a love tunnel ride with little pink disco lights flashing all over the place.

The Tunnel of Love

Oh gosh, ADORABLE FIC! ♥ Oh Arthur and Eames and their amazing not!date. XD

“Oh my god,” Arthur says. “Did you plan this?”

“You think I somehow arranged for armed hit men – ”

“I didn’t see any guns,” Arthur interrupts.

“ – to come after me,” Eames continues, ignoring Arthur, “chasing us into the Tunnel of Love, which I also somehow managed to arrange to have break down right in the middle of the ride, so that I might what? Make an attempt at your virtue? I’m shocked that you would think such a thing, Arthur, really, I am.”

Too much awesome! ♥♥♥

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